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Remedial massage frequently asked questions

Remedial and sports massage

After examining your health history form & prior to beginning your treatment, your therapist will guide you through a postural assessment, an option of unique tests & a brief interview regarding your presenting signs in order to ensure they develop the very best possible & most effective treatment strategy for you.

What should I do throughout a massage treatment

After the initial discussion with your therapist they will leave the room so you can undress down to your underwear in private and drape a towel over yourself. You can then call the therapist back into the room when you're comfortable. If your therapist wants you to change your position they will ask you during the course of the treatment. The therapist will drape a modesty towel around you so that you are covered at all times.

Make yourself comfortable, many individuals will close their eyes and unwind entirely throughout a session, others choose to talk, each person is different. Do not be reluctant to ask for particular requests eg in relation to the pressure your specialist is applying, if you get too hot or too cold or if you do not desire background music playing etc. Always relay any concerns regarding your treatment throughout or after the session.

After the massage is over, the therapist will leave the room so that you can get take your time getting dressed and it is suggested that you

re-hydrate with the water provided.

How frequent should I get a massage

This depends on why you have decided to get a massage in the first place, your goals and your budget. As with exercise, the benefits of massage are advancing and boost with regular treatments, most individuals who want to make massage part of their health & wellness upkeep program will get a massage every 1 – 4 weeks. If you choose to become a regular customer please ask us about our special rates, they are a great method to make your sessions more cost effective.

What should I expect after my massage

Depending on the massage strategies made use of during your session, it is possible that you might feel some discomfort for 24 to 48 hrs following your massage, just like the feeling experienced after an excellent workout. However, do not stress as this is a normal reaction within the body.

After a session, most individuals feel relaxed. Many experience more flexibility and release from previous tightness throughout the muscles and areas of concern. After a preliminary period of feeling slowed down, people typically experience a boost in energy, heightened awareness and greater performance which can last for days. As contaminants are released from your tissues during a massage, it is recommended that you consume a lot of water following your massage.

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